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WOW @ Home Free Printable Pirate Activities

To keep your children busy @home, Dr Lin Day has created 15 downloadable worksheets with a pirate theme 'arrrh'.

(Please navigate to the bottom of the page for the downloadable links to the free pirate adventure instructions and free worksheets).

For all toddler pirates on land and across the high seas, here are some activities to start you off on your pirate adventure and keep you entertained!

Don't forget the pirate password is “Yo-ho-ho!”


Little pirates will have great fun making a pirate ship, a treasure map, a secret pirate hiding place, burying gold doubloons for you to find,  stepping across mats and other obstacles, and creating their very own Treasure Island. All these things are good for pirate creative thinking and problem-solving skills (with a little direction from you of course).And remember that pirates always say “Yo-ho-ho!”

Pirate Adventure Story

The pirate ship loaded with gold doubloons sailed across the ocean. The pirates sang songs and said “Yo-ho-ho!” The pirates sighted mermaids who called to them, but the ship sailed on. The pirates loaded the gold doubloons on the pirate boat. The pirates, and Pip the pirate pup, climbed aboard the pirate boat and rowed to Treasure Island. The pirates and Pip followed a snake path through the jungle and saw strange birds and animals. The pirates were frightened so they made a den at the top of a tall tree. When daylight came, they buried the gold doubloons on Treasure Island (X marks the spot) and then rested. The pirates and Pip rowed back to the pirate ship. The pirate captain hoisted the pirate flag. The pirate ship sailed over the waves and on to a new adventure…………

Click HERE for free full pirate adventure instructions.

Click HERE for 15 x free Pirate Activity Worksheets.